Stand Out as a Certified Rapid Reprogramming Coach in the next 12 weeks!



Ready to up-level your Client results and create a sustainable

6 figure Business?


Which of these questions run on a loop in your mind?

  • How will I stand out amongst so many established Coaches online?
  • Will I really be able to help people?
  • What about I do more harm than good?


Chances are if you want to make a difference in other ’s lives, you’ve grappled with how to really help them get the results they desire quicker, easier, and deeper than other Coaches out there.

You've probably even grappled with how to create those same results in your own life so you see the Business success you know you deserve.

You might even be thinking...

“Can I really do this, maybe it's meant for everyone else but not me.”


If you’re anything like the ambitious, compassionate people I work with, you probably feel a deep calling toward Coaching because you're on a mission to help as many people as possible with that special gift of yours ...

But you may also be wondering...


How do I help more people and really support them on a deep level?....


There IS a lot to learn in order to get stand out Client Results and Sell Out Your Coaching

And unfortunately, staying stuck in the confusion results in the most big hearted people never getting around to building a successful business fueled by their desire to help people. Because no matter how many questions get answered - there is ALWAYS another one right behind it, am I right? (’s kind of like eating a single bite of chocolate #notpossible)


And that is exactly what leads the most well-intentioned person to put-hands-over-face, and silently scream into their sweaty palms ….

“Can someone just pleeeeease tell me
what I need to do to really help the people I want to serve and build the Business that I dreamed of? … ”






You don’t have to spend years winging it with Clients, doubting if you're really helping, and barely scrapping by all because you needed out of that 9-5

You just need the proven 

Rapid Reprogramming Method TM

(the shortest path to sky rocketing your own success and your Client's results)


You know what happens once you have the PROVEN Rapid Reprogramming Method (for both you and your Clients)?

  • You know what to do, you have clients to work with and the confidence to know how to serve them on the deepest level. 
  • You book clients with ease.  You get repeat customers, increased referrals, and incredible testimonials 
  • You stand out as the go-to coach in your niche
  • You become known for deep, lasting client results
  • You’re doing meaningful work, living on purpose and getting paid well to do it


When you focus your energy on creating deep, lasting, Client results your dream business practically builds itself.



Rapid Reprogramming Coach™ Certification

An all-inclusive 6 month online Training and Certification Program to take your Client and Business results to the next level. We’ve taken away all the distractions and made it super easy for you to get the skills and the know-how to become the best Coach in the Business and scale a sustainable 6 figure coaching practice.




We’ll cover everything you need to live and breath the revolutionary Rapid Reprogramming method.  By the end of this phase, you will be an expert in Subconscious healing for our Clients. This is your KEY to standing out in the competitive Coaching industry.




We’ll cover how to use the Rapid Reprogramming Method to become a masterful, confident, and transformational Coach.  We teach you how to create your Signature Program and use RRM in your niche.  You will be able to practice RRM and get Coached using the same.  




95% of all success as a Coach comes down to one thing, and one thing only ... the subconscious mind.  We will be using the very same life-changing brain based tools to support you in your own self mastery with the goal of making your success inevitable.



The program is absolutely everything you need...

“And this program is not just about helping other people. You change just as much as them. You’ll have the methods. And while helping other people you will be helping yourself and changing just as much as they do.”

- Wendy


You’re going to get every penny worth plus 10 x more. 

“This program way over delivered - the content was far above anything I ever expected to get from a program. “I had fears of taking this program from years of conditioning “Who do you think you are?” The tools I learned in this program changed that for me. Now I think, “Why not me?” I would 100% recommend this program. I feel good about getting started. I’m confident and excited.”

- Peggy


How much easier and faster it will be to

grow your Coaching Business with results like these 

for YOUR clients and YOURSELF.

The tools are life-changing…

Dianah’s guidance taught me so much about me and how to love myself!! When I started I was still in such turmoil of emotions and confusion and had no idea how I was going to make it through. I am in such a better place right now!!!! Dianah’s tools are life changing.”

-  Marcie

After three months, I was laughing again!

“When I first started coaching with Dianah I was sad and broken, my life was a miserable joke - and I honestly couldn’t imagine. In just 3 short months I was laughing again and looking forward to life! - I would recommend her techniques to anyone. “

- Jane

My confidence has risen. I have become single, unique and whole.

“Thanks to Dianah, my confidence has risen. I have become single, unique and whole. I am on my way to living independently and creating the freedom to thrive on my own.” 

- Nicole

I have found a reason once again to smile.

“I now find I have a new brighter outlook on life, increased self confidence and self esteem. I feel a great weight has been lifted from my shoulders and I now look forward to what life has to offer me. I thank you, and my family thanks you for giving them back their mom, sister and grandmother."


The way to peace!

“Dianah’s approach to retraining your brain brings freedom and peace. The L.O.V.E. process works in all kinds of scenarios  and life in general.”

- LA

Dianah has helped me so much  …

Dianah has helped me so much to be able to move forward after my divorce. She’s personable, knowledgeable and kind. I am so thankful to have found her and be a part of her program.

- Sonja

This work works so much peace.

“I have not been triggered by any of my shame and thoughts  … that’s a revolution for me! Dianah’s work works sooo much peace.”

- Connie

This work is life altering...

I’ve only just recently begun and it’s already making a huge difference in how I am seeing myself and those around me.  Such a huge sense of freedom!”

- MB

Dianah has been vitally important in my healing from divorce ...

Dianah knows what she’s talking about and has been vitally important in my healing. If I could give this 10 stars I would.”

- Nicole

Dianah’s L.O.V.E. process saved me!

- Amy

So, what exactly is the

Rapid Reprogramming Coach™ Certification?

I’m glad you asked ...

(... and grab your cuppa - because there’s a lot here!)

The Rapid Reprogramming Coach™ Certification is an All-Inclusive 6 Month Training to take you from ‘mediocre or no client results' and 'no consistent income', to actually becoming a successful CEO Coach, with stand out clients results, making real money.

Advanced Thought Work Training


(Hours of thoughtful, self-paced video training that you can refer back to over and over again) 

I’m pulling back the curtain and teaching you absolutely EVERYTHING I know about getting life changing Client results and building a sustainable 6 figure business using the power of brain science (for you and your Clients) ... without wasting years to do it. 

Proven, proprietary Rapid Reprogramming Method 


Get certified in the proven, 4 step life changing Rapid Reprogramming Method. The core system is based on the proprietary L.O.V.E. process that has changed the lives of hundreds of people around the world. And we’re giving it to you. With this signature system in hand, you’ll know how to get referral worthy clients’ results from day one.


Daily, Weekly, & Bi-Weekly LIVE Support 


This program has LIVE HIGH TOUCH, personalized support for 6 months! Every other week we get on a small group Zoom call. You can get through the modules at your own pace, knowing you have live support whenever questions come up. You can also ask questions during weekly office hours and in the private Facebook support Community



“It exceeds all other types of life coach training programs!”


Going through the training, we were given so much information.  I’m always able to answer a question whenever I have one. I feel very prepared. I feel very supported.  This isn’t just an online program, it’s so interactive. It exceeds all other types of  training programs!”

- Beth


If you have a desire in your heart this is the program to go to…


“I took life coaching before so I had an understanding of the whole process but I wanted to specialize in divorce because I wanted to help others with what I had been through. I took this program and I was definitely pleasantly surprised. There’s SO much information. Dianah is so genuine and kind. I felt supported and now definitely feel prepared. If you have a desire in your heart this is the program to go to."

- Geri


I am loving the content…

Oh my goodness I’m loving the content. I have written so much down to absorb it all, then highlight more pearls of wisdom, then I hear more things that resonate, so I have to make that even bolder!!! Every bit of the  Certification program is relevant and I get those real aha moments. The content is very clear and concise. I’m so glad the fine threads lead me to you and this course. I know this is so a part of my next chapter.”

- Margaret


“Don't overthink it. Just do it!”


“If you have the opportunity, go for it! Dianah is amazing. She knows her stuff. She gracefully models how to do this program. How to be an effective coach, what you need to be thinking about, etc. She has everything laid out. All the tools. All the templates. It’s beautifully thought out. Don’t overthink it Just do it!”

- Vickie

Let's Recap What's Included ... you can choose to join the 6 Month Mastermind or apply for 6 month 1:1 Coaching with Dianah.



* payment plans available

  • 12 Advanced Training Modules
  • Plug & Play Swipe Files, Templates, Process
  • 6 Months of Bi-weekly Coaching
  • 6 Months of Weekly Office Hours
  • Peer Practice & Certification
  • Expert Masterclasses & Live Training
  • Private Support Community
  • Bonus Money Maker & Time Saver Guides
  • All Access Pass to Business in a box Resources Guide







VIP 1:1 Program


* limited spots available

  • 12 Advanced Training Modules
  • Plug & Play Swipe Files, Templates, Process
  • Bi-weekly Coaching
  • Weekly Office Hours
  • Peer Practice & Certification
  • Expert Masterclasses & Live Training
  • Private Support Community
  • Bonus Money Maker & Time Saver Guides
  • All Access Pass to Business in a box Resources Guide 
  • PLUS: 12 Private 1:1 Coaching Calls
  • PLUS: 1:1 Laser VIP Business Planning Day
  • PLUS: 1:1 Laser VIP Implementation & Mindset Makeover Day
  • Personalized Rapid Reprogramming Work

Total Package Value = $23,791


(payment plans available)